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crazy chirping....frogs? - Orelie, Sonika, Zarina, Doreen, Kane, Pazia
crazy chirping....frogs?
I woke up around 2:30 and could not get back to sleep. Don't recall a specific reason for waking up but not getting back to sleep? - the chirping. It's not completely unfamiliar...I recall having this issue last summer, vaguely (I've surely surpressed it...)
What is that? I think last summer, I was afraid we had mice and they were having long conversations in the night...
Then, it was that we had roaches (turns out that roaches don't really vocalize or 'make sounds', much less chirp)...
did we ever resolve it? I don't recall...I wore ear plugs for awhile and then started working and then was too tired for chirping to bother me? Or it stopped?
but now, it's the beginning of summer, I don't have work tomorrow, and the ear plugs did not really help...
so onto the internet to research.

This is what I found:

from: http://www.ntwgs.org/articles/goinggreen.pdf

The Metroplex has one invasive species;
the Rio Grande Chirping Frog. It was
most likely brought here in potted plants
from the Lower Rio Grande Valley. This
extremely small frog is less than 1 inch
long. After the eggs are laid
in moist soil, they hatch
into fully formed frogs in
about 2 weeks. The tadpoles
go though metamorphism
inside the egg. So far, this
little frog does not seem to
be causing much trouble
with native flora or fauna.

and to confirm this crazy noise -


I found another recording that didn't match perfectly but seems pretty close. 
Part of me is fascinated - it morphs from tadpole to frog IN the egg?  and the other part of me just wants to know how to get them away from my house!  Another reason to get new windows (as if we didn't have enough already).  It sounds like the noise is in the bedroom and being answered from outside but if it's really these crazy frogs, then I suspect/hope that they're just on the window ledges and for all that, they SOUND like they are in the house.


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