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crazy headache and weird dream - Orelie, Sonika, Zarina, Doreen, Kane, Pazia
crazy headache and weird dream
so it's 4:15 am.  We went to miller outdoor last night and I had a mild headache - nothing serious but it was present when we left.  Throughout the evening, is was there in the back of my mind but there were times I forgot about it completely (or it went away?) and times when it was more present (and I would run my neck, scalp & forehead - all places I could feel it.)

None of these areas felt particularly tense and I'm not sure the rubbing really helped but it was something I could do so I did. 

then, as we were leaving, the headache hit me HARD.  I was talking to EAM as we were walking them to their car and they gave us a ride to our car and somehow in that time - it's exploded!  by the time we got to our car (a whole  2 minutes?) I could hardly think straight!  The ride home felt like the longest ride of my life.  I got it the house, got some water, took 600mg of ibuprofen, stripped and laid down. 

I had a hard time staying still.  I'd focus on my breathing and tried laying on my back but ended up on my sides.   Laying on my stomach was out.  My legs felt very restless and my muscles would tense and then I'd consciously relax them.  After about 20 -25 minutes, DW came to bed and it was not better.  I just kept waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in!  he rubbed my shoulders and back a little bit - said they didn't feel particularly tense and fell asleep relatively quickly (he was pretty done in.)   If his leg touched mine, I would kick so he had to be careful but I think he generally slept through that - I'll have to ask him in the morning.

Anyway, so I woke up about 15 minutes ago.  I had the weirdest dream.  I was with students during the school day, some kind of sanctioned off campus thing and one the way back we were on a flyover near school (there really isn't a flyover near school but that's a minor detail) and a helicopter hit the flyover causing a multi-car accident.  We were fine - a car bumped into my car but it dented/causes a tear in the fiberglass and I was able to drive it over to the side of the road.  

I was really worried about getting the kids back to school and how long it would take to get out of this mess so we walked/got a ride back to school (can't quite remember) and I taught my next class - stopped by to ask EN if he could come by (so my class would be covered and I could retrieve my car) but he was already covering another class and then suddenly it's the evening and I'm telling DW I need a new car and I call HPD to figure out how much trouble it's going to be to retrieve my car since I left the scene. 

They tell me they contacted the 'owner' Baden Auto and it's in the city impound lot for now.  [no mention of all the trouble I would be in for leaving the scene ...it's a dream, right?]  I say no - I'm the owner and loss payee - car's been paid off for over a year! and they say that's not what they got when the contacted the insurance. [And the car seemed to be my blue ford escort, in new condition, that I had in 1999]

And this is where I woke up.  Realized my headache was gone and came in the office to make sure that the auto insurance policy lists only DW and I for loss payees. 

And then it occured to me I should be tracking my headaches because this one was CRAZY!  and I'd like to do what I can to avoid suffering something like that ever again.

so other possibly important detail - regarding the headache, not the weird dream -
I started the Ease to 5K program today so I was 'running' (sort of) from about 3:45 - 4:45 today.  I had some issues with the app so I had an extended warm up and then I wasn't really thinking about how close to done I was so I ended up with a longer cool down as I had to walk back to the house from where I ended the workout.  I hadn't been hydrating particularly well throughout the day but when I came back, I felt fine [hot, but fine] and I made myself an beverage of water, ice, lemon juice, salt and agave nectar.   I then took a shower and made ringtones for a little while on the computer before starting to prep stuff in the kitchen for the picnic. 

I first noticed the headache after DW got home, so around 7:20pm.  Other important info - Quasense - week 5, Friday

I've looked up exercise headaches before because but I don't remember when or for what kind of exercise. 
I don't experience any problems after dance class or swimming.  The dance class I've been doing for 2 years and the swimming, every 2-4 days for the last 2 weeks.  


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